Have you planted a tree this year?

This year it was my goal to plant 17 trees for 2017. Admittedly, I’ve only planted three so far. You’ve heard the old adage, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

Well instead of fretting I’ve thought many times this summer, thank goodness I didn’t plant more than three! It’s been hard keeping up with the watering of the ones I did install to ensure they don’t die during the long summer drought we have had.

Every time I drive around I see opportunities for tree planting – in schools, parks, meridians, yards .. there are so many places another tree or two could benefit. I wish I had a stash of trees so I could install at will or offer them to places or homeowners to plant on their own.

I hope planting a tree is in your fall plans! Planting in a season where rainwater supplements your normal watering regime is the best time for installing most ornamental trees and shrubs in the PNW. Make sure to water them in at least once and surround them with mulch to help keep their root zones cool. Have questions? Email or call to talk trees! Meanwhile, enjoy the dog days of summer and stay cool!

New to the PNW? Keep reading!

One of my good friends and horticultural colleagues recently moved from the greater Seattle region north.  Her new property is a land of opportunity and presents completely different issues and challenges than urban gardening.

Many of my clients have moved to Bainbridge Island or the PNW region from places that don’t have big trees, things that are green all year round or are starting to garden with space for the first time.  It’s a great reminder for me that not only is moving stressful but the challenges of working with the outside space can be outright daunting for some.  Especially when they experience their first fall wind storm and tall trees start swaying …

Robin’s podcast interview addressing her experiences changing her garden is worth the listen!  You might even relate. Check it out here!  

I’ve created a Facebook page for my business!

After 12 (!) years in the tree and landscape businesses, I’ve added my business to the Facebook masses.  If you have worked with me on Bainbridge Island or, would like to see some photos that aren’t necessarily linked to this site, feel free to wander over there and check out the info I have posted over there.  I also absolutely welcome your tree questions or observations: please feel free to post your thoughts about trees anytime!  And as usual, keep looking up and appreciating what is in your own back yard!  Katy Bigelow, Arborist LLC

Tree climbing competition season training

It’s cold in January.  Usually wet too but not so much this January on Bainbridge Island … I’m one of the few people who chooses to compete but who does not work full time climbing trees for work.  This means making a lot of time specifically to just climb trees.  This generally isn’t so bad Continue reading

I just joined TCIA, the Tree Care Industry Association!

This association is a group I’ve been meaning to become a part of for a long time.  There are few (if any) companies in Kitsap county who are TCIA accredited or even members.  TCIA has a ton of information for tree workers and they focus on safe work practices.  Can’t wait to delve into their site and read read read! 

How do I rescue a cat from a tree?

Cat rescue is one the most satisfying parts of my daily job.  Basically everyone is happy at the end of the day.

Cat rescue is also often technical – while the focus is getting the cat safely on the ground in the hands of the owner, this is achieved through climber safety.  Continue reading

So much tree news!

1)  Competed last weekend in Victoria, BC in our final regional tree climbing competition of the year.  Wow – climbing with Veronika Ericsson from Swedon, the women’s world tree climbing champion was awesome.  Tough and kind lady who has some serious skills.  This year I’ve had the opportunity to climb with three of the women’s top Continue reading