Landscapers vs. Tree care workers … there is a difference.

TCIA (Tree Care Industry Association) just put out a fantastic article about the difference between landscapers and arborists.  Sometimes a gardeners and arborist background start the same but training to work in trees safe and securely comes with much different training. 

Unfortunately in the US, arborists often have to pursue their own safety and education training as it really isn’t required when applying for a tree worker position.  For a job that ranks in the top 5 most dangerous jobs in the US, I find this shocking and unfortunate.  More importantly, those of us who do pursue training in the name of keeping ourselves safe and qualified and competent to work on your trees are insulted when the gardener is chosen to do tree work.  People: it is not the same job.

Tree work is a skilled and demanding trade – while landscaping comes with it’s own hazards and know how, consider choosing a qualified tree worker when you need people working in, around and near trees.